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Infusion coding is one of the most desired coding skill sets. It is an important facet of coding ER's, urgent cares, observations and oncology. This course is packed with 8 modules and will provide you the knowledge to code infusions and injections confidently and competently. These modules will guide you through coding initial and subsequent infusions (including chemotherapy), as well as concurrent and prolonged infusions. Also included is a module for immunization coding. Lastly, you will receive six practice coding scenarios with complete rationale and supplementary materials. Level up you coding skills with invaluable infusion coding expertise!

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This substance use coding course explores the differences between use, abuse and dependence, when each should be coded as well coding for substance-induced disorders. 

The Complete Gastro Endoscopy Coding Course  includes everything you need to competently code the following endoscopy procedures: EGD, ERCP, small bowel enteroscopy, colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, proctoscopy, anoscopy, ileoscopy and pouchoscopy

Learn the ins outs of coding immunizations in this short and snappy mini-course.

This course will provide you with the knowledge you need in order to begin coding hyperbaric services. We will guide you through CPT/HCPCS and appropriate ICD-10 selection as well calculating hyperbaric time and applicable rules for coding these services.

Short and simple mini-course on the basics of injection coding

Do you find the 7th characters for injury codes confusing? Unsure when to code an initial vs subsequent encounter? This course will simplify 7th characters so you can code injuries with confidence.

This course will provide clarification on accurately reporting external cause codes.

This bundle course provides you with guidance for accurately and appropriately coding 7th characters for injuries and external cause codes.