Image by Domenico Loia


Blooming Coders was started by two experienced medical coders who saw a lack of opportunities to learn additional coding skills independently. Heather and Stacey both had a unique opportunity to work for a facility that prioritized cross-training. They were able to become highly knowledgeable and skilled coders and wanted to bring that same opportunity to learn new coding skills to other coders as well.  

Well-rounded medical coders are more desirable candidates, more marketable and command a higher wage in this competitive field. Blooming Coders helps medical coders expand and enhance their coding skills with online courses and grow their coding knowledge with our Blooming Coders podcast, in which we bring you a bite-sized coding topic designed to increase your medical coding knowledge in 5 minutes or less. Find our podcast on over a dozen platforms, including Apple, Google, Spotify and Stitcher.